Cannon Beach
Volunteer Firefighters

Protecting Cannon Beach, Tolovana, Arch Cape & Falcon Cove.

Cannon Beach Fire & Rescue

Cannon Beach Volunteer Firefighter

Cannon Beach Rural Fire Protection District (Cannon Beach Fire & Rescue) was formed in 1947. The District is a non-profit, municipal corporation formed under Oregon Revised Statues. District boundaries are from Highway 101/26 Junction, south to and including a portion of the northeast tip of Tillamook County in Falcon Cove. Station 2 was added in 1966, which established the unincorporated town of Arch Cape into the District. In the late 70s, the Tillamook County portion of Falcon Cove, a small community one mile south of Arch Cape, was also made part of the District.

The District is volunteer (other than three paid employees) and current roster count is 30. 26 personnel: 16 are NFPA Firefighter 2s; 4 are NFPA Firefighter 1s; 3 are NFPA Basics. 5 personnel are high angle rescue technicians: 4 are level 3 and 1 is level 2. 5 personnel are certified as surf rescue responders. EMT I: 6; EMT B: 3; FR: 4.

The Volunteers

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